Spiritual Regression
Between Lives and Past Life Spiritual Regressions
Ursula Demarmels, Salzburg

Spirituelle Rückführungen mit Ursula Demarmels, TNI-zertifizierte Rückführungstherapeutin. Foto: Blüten des Lichts. (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Salzburg



Over thirty-five years of Spiritual Regression Practice. Multiple training courses and continuous Supervision in Trance, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and U.S.A. since 1981. Additionally, Advanced Hypnosis trainings for Past Life and Between-Lives Spiritual Regression. Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt.) of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) with Gold Star Seal of Approval of the Hypnosis Quality Assurance (COPHO - Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations), U.S.A. (since 2014). Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt.) of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), New Hampshire, U.S.A. (aktives Mitglied von 2014-2020). Workshop Hypnotherapeutic Approaches in Psycho-Oncology - Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis in Cancer (Austrian Association for Psycho-Oncology). Professionally Certified Life-Between-Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapist (The Society for Spiritual Regression - SSR, U.S.A.), trained by Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Linda Backman, Nancy Canning, CHt., MCP, Dr. Arthur Roffey, and the Society for Spiritual Regression, Studio City, Hollywood, Los Angeles, U.S.A. First SSR graduate from the Europe, 2004. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist and active member of The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives™ Hypnotherapy, U.S.A. from 2005-2015; I have chosen not to renew membership in 11/2015. Between-Lives Soul Regression Therapist (BLSR Therapist) of the International Between Lives Regression Network (IBLRN), U.S.A. Honorary President of the European Society of Spiritual Regression®, Switzerland

Study, German Sports University Cologne (4 years): Creative Artistic Dance, Choreography, Movement Techniques (Maja Lex, Graciella Padilla); Dance and Physical Theater, Improvisation; Music (Prof. Herbert Langhans); Movement Sensitization, Space Perception, Motivation Training, Coaching, Relaxation Techniques, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Rhythm & Dance, and many other subjects.
Diploma Study, Swiss Professional Association for Dance and Gymnastics (Association Professionelle Suisse de la Danse et du Mouvement), SBGT, Basel, Switzerland (3 years): Certified Gymnastics Teacher. Relaxation & Trance Techniques, Physiology, Anatomy, Organization of Movement, Breathing Techniques, Music-Assisted Gymnastics, Co-ordination, Stretching, Coaching, Wellness Massage, Feldenkrais Techniques, etc.
Swiss Federal Sports College Magglingen (Eidgenössische Hochschule für Sport Magglingen) Switzerland: Leader Qualification and Expert for Gymnastics and Dance -- Authorization for Instructing / Qualifying Sports Teachers. And various other competences.

Further studies, courses and qualifications: Hypnotherapy and Trance Techniques, Supervision (Munich, Los Angeles and other locations); Past Life Regression Therapy, Rebirthing, Extraordinary Psychology (e.g. also with Thorwald Dethlefsen, Kerstin & Dr. Ruediger Dahlke; Munich and other locations). Brain Optimization Training, Visualization, Body & Soul Harmony (Joergen Moerck & ZEN Master May Li Lao Shin); Rhythmics (Conservatoire of Basel, 3 years); Autogenous Training (Cologne); Foot Reflexology (Institute Eberling); Tai Chi; Systemic Family Therapy (also with Bert Hellinger); Fitness (Academic Sports Office Cologne); Contact Improvisation; Chinese Acupuncture Massage (APM, after W. Penzel); Affirmation Techniques (Los Angeles, CA); Script Writing.


University of Salzburg - Interdisciplinary Division of Sports and Movement Sciences - University-Sports-Institute: Teaching / Courses / Workshops on Relaxation Techniques, Stress Management, Brain Optimization Training, Trance Techniques, Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis & Hypnomeditation (own system) and other Meditation Techniques, Light and Energy Work, Fantasy & Imaginative Journeying, Body & Soul Harmony, Motivation Training, Autogenous Training, Breath Training, Dance Theatre, Creative Artistic Dance, Conditioning, and Stretching. Since 1986.

University Mozarteum Salzburg: Academic Teacher & Scientific Member in Research, Arts & Education. Gymnastics, Motivation Training, Relaxation Methods, Trance & Self Hypnosis, Stretching, Posture and Spinal Training; Body, Partner and Space Perception; Rhythmic Dance Movement Training, Breathing Techniques, Walking and Acting Repertoire, Theatre Dance. 1993-2006.

University of Salzburg, Faculty of Natural Sciences: Applied Stress Management, Relaxation, Trance and Meditation Techniques at the Brain Awareness Week 2001, the Science Week 2002, and at the Stress Management Conference of Goldegg, Austria, 2002. Salzburg Federal Hospital: Teaching Head Nurses (for Specialty and Intensive Care Nurses): Motivation Training and Stress Management, Body & Soul Harmony. Salzburg University Clinics Educational Center: Workshops on Spiritual Regression. Nurses' School of the Hospital of Kufstein, Tyrol: General Relaxation Techniques.

Institute of Pedagogic Education, Salzburg: Relaxation and Recreation Techniques, Mind Motivation, Self Hypnosis, "Tanztheater" / Physical Theater, Choreographic Organization (1995-2007).

Workshops, individual and group spiritual regression sessions, lectures: Own methods for Spiritual Past Life and Between Lives Regressions, based on over 35 years of own practice, Karma Coaching, a method developed by Ursula Demarmels with the target to discover ways out of our destiny trap, offering practical guidelines for everyday life, and books by Dr. Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher (Life Between Life, 1988) and Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls, 1994; Destiny of Souls, 2000).

Teaching activities in Austria, Germany, U.S.A., the People's Republic of China and many other locations. Spirituality, Light Work and Channeling Classes in Salzburg and other places. Numerous Sessions on the stimulation of self healing using advanced trance and regression methods.

Numerous Sports, Stress Management, Relaxation, Motivation Training, Meditation and Trance Workshops in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, also including: Children's, youth and adult instruction in Gymnastics, Dance and Acrobatics (Basel, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne and other locations in Switzerland) / Summer Academy of the Carl Orff Institute of the University Mozarteum Salzburg (Dance Improvisation, Dance Theatre, International Folk Dances) / Teaching Sports, Gymnastics, Dance and Fitness Teachers with the S.V.K.T. (Switzerland) / Various Workshops for Photographers on Body Language, Tension, Attitude and Expression / Sensibilization and Movement Techniques with Hearing Disabled Persons in Basel / Teaching Activities in Fitness, Aerobics, Conditioning, Stretching and Dance at the Academic Office of Sports of the University of Cologne and at the Federal Professional School for Internal and Public Administration in Cologne (German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, German Border Police / Federal Border Guard (BGS), Air Traffic Controllers). Head of the Dance Theater Group UDG (Cologne). Professional teaching classes at the Theater an der Wien, Vienna Musical College (Michael Pinkerton, Peter Weck), Vienna, Austria. Summer Academy & University Mozarteum Salzburg: Dance Improvisation, Scenic Shaping, Movement Theater, Pas-de-deux Techniques.


Regression Expert of Numerous TV Documentary Film Productions on Regression and Historically Verified Reincarnation (All Programs in German or Swiss-German language). Already about 51 Mill. TV viewers and more than 1 Mill. viewers in various sites of YouTube.


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