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This page contains information on the books by Ursula Demarmels "Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing", "Karma Coaching", "Wer war ich im Vorleben?", and "Die neue Dimension der Gesundheit", her meditation audio CD "Licht im Spiegel" and her audio books. In addition, you will find spiritually and ethically valuable books, CDs and DVDs suggested by Ursula Demarmels.

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Discover your Life Mission Through Past Life Exploration

Trade Paperback

LLEWELLYN Publications


Read the article by Ursula Demarmels in

Summer 2016 Issue 46

Book by Ursula Demarmels:

Spiritual Regression for Peace and Healing

Discover Your Life Mission Through Past Life Exploration

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, MN, U.S.A.

Foreword: Dr. Michael NEWTON, TNI, U.S.A.

Preface: Michael AUFHAUSER, Gut Aiderbichl, Austria


#1- & Top-3-placements in amazon.de as bestseller for, e.g., Reincarnation (books in English language) (#1) and New Releases in New Age (books in English language). Multiple top placements in various international amazon book bestseller lists (U.S.A., U.K., Italy, France, Spain; e.g., Reincarnation, Unexplained Mysteries, New Age & Spirituality. E-Book also reached #1 in Reincarnation (English) in amazon Germany.

Renowned Swiss spiritual regression hypnotherapist Ursula Demarmels, CHt., lives in Austria, at the Salzburg Lake District. She studied in Basel (Switzerland) and Cologne (Germany) and is Scientific Associate for Research, teaching relaxation and hypnosis methods at the University of Salzburg (Austria). With over thirty years of spiritual regression practice, she has guided some 4,500 people into their past lives and their eternal life as a divine soul in the spirit world.

According to some of Europe's largest TV stations, Ursula Dermarmels can be regarded as Europe's most successful expert on spiritual regression hypnotherapy and historically verifiable reincarnation. Through her regression documentary programs, she already reached more than 47 million television viewers in the German-speaking countries. Her latest TV series is was produced for the German subsidiary of Discovery Channel; primary broadcast on TLC in November and December 2015 in German language; other language versions to be shown internationally using voice overlays are in preparation. With great devotion, Ursula Demarmels dedicates her life towards the application of spiritual insights for humanitarian concerns, with the goal of a harmonious coexistence of humans, animals, and nature.

The benefits of past-life regression are many: recognizing the divine plan for your life, losing the fear of death, and meeting your soul guides. In Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing, you will discover how to use regression to better understand and resolve fears, health issues, and karmic relationships and discover your special skills and talents in this life.

Join author Ursula Demarmels as she shares dozens of fascinating case studies from more than 4,500 past-life regression sessions that she has conducted in her professional practice. Intimate and inspiring, these stories include heartwarming tales of people being reunited with their loved ones, friends, and even animal companions in the spirit world.

Trade Paperback, 264 Pages, ISBN-10: 0738739944; First Print: August 2015
E-Book, Llewellyn Publications; ASIN: B01CALDMPQ, Amazon Digital Services LLC, Kindle-Edition, published on March 2016

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Spiritual Regression for Peace and Healing


Book Cover of Ursula Demarmels
Stich bound, ALLEGRIA, Berlin

Book by Ursula Demarmels:

Karma Coaching

Wege aus der Schicksalsfalle
(How to Escape the Trap of Fate)


Book: Multiple #1- & Top-5-placements in amazon.de as bestseller for, e.g., "Reincarnation", "Hinduism", "Buddhism", "Death & Beyond" and "Transcendental". Audio book: multiple Top-5 bestseller placements, e.g.for "Reincarnation", Relaxation Meditation" and "Meditation-Techniques"

Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the deeper sense of our life? The major questions of mankind are closely linked to our personal life. Is our destiny pre-determined, of can we change it by changing our behavior. Can we remove the effects of old mistakes by doing good deeds? What is good or bad Karma? What is my Karma?

Ursula Demarmels explores these questions in detail and gives answers on topics such as karma formation, karma transformation, reincarnation and positive living, and shaping the future. The book gives in-depth explanations and offers unique karma coaching exercises. To illustrate the origin and effects of karma, Ursula included fascinating and touching case reports from her practice with spiritual regressions into past lives and the between live as an immortal soul. She motivates us to use our life confidentially and full of light.

Stich Bound, 240 pages, 1/2018, ISBN-10: 3793422720; Price: around € 18,50 (for orders from Germany). Recent version: 3rd edition, 2018. Also available as E-Book (around € 12,99 in Germany): Allegria EPUB ISBN-13 9783843710398 and Amazon Kindle ASIN: B00PLXQ3J8
Audio-Double-CD: Shortened edition, read by Ursula Demarmels, ISBN-10: 3899039289; Publisher: Hörbuch Hamburg, Price: around € 8,95 (Germany)
Polish edition:
Karma Coaching. Przerwanie kręgu przeznaczenia.Studio Astropsychologii, Bialystok, Polen. ISBN-13: 978-8373777644 (2016). ISBN-13: 978-8373777644
Lithuanian version: Karmos ugdymas: Kaip išvengti likimo spąstų. Andrena Publishers, Vilnius, Lithuania, ISBN 978-9986-37-082-6 (2018)
Russian Edition:
КАРМА КОУЧИНГ - КАК ОСВОБОДИТЬСЯ ОТ ХИТРОСПЛЕТЕНИЙ СВОЕЙ КАРМЫ, Buduschee Zemli Publishers, LTD, Moscow, Russia, ISBN 978-5-6040344-0-8 (12/2018)

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Karma-Coaching: Wege aus der Schicksalsfalle


Covers of the Polish and Lithuanian editions:

Cover der polnischen Ausgabe von Ursula Demarmels Ursula Demarmels: Book Cover Karma-Coaching in Lithuanian Language


Урсула Демармелс


Book Cover Ursula Demarmels Russian Book: Урсула Демармелс ПРЕОБРАЖЕНИЕ ДУШИ (c) Buduschee Zemli, LTD, Karen Saakyan, Moscov, Russia


© Karen Saakyan, Moscow, Russia, 12/2018


Урсула Демармелс


Book Cover Ursula Demarmels Russian Book: Урсула Демармелс ПРЕОБРАЖЕНИЕ ДУШИ (c) Buduschee Zemli, LTD, Karen Saakyan, Moscov, Russia


© Karen Saakyan, Moscow, Russia, 1/2017


Books by Ursula Demarmels in Russian Language:

Урсула Демармелс

Karma Coaching: How to Escape the Trap of Fate
Russian Edition of "Karma Coaching"

ЖивЁм ли мы один раз, или придется нам рождаться снова?

Кем мы были в прошлых жизнях и какие уроки полу­чили?  Как прошлые жизни влияют на наше настоящее?  Что такое карма?  И нужно ли знать свои прошлые жизни?  Как улучшить свою судьбу?
Эта книга – реальные современные исследования прошлых жизней.  В ней нет домыслов и предположений.
Карма во многих языках переводится как судьба.  Но это не совсем так.
С кармой можно работать и можно ее изменить.  Поэ­тому очень важно знать свою карму.  Каждый здравомыс­лящий человек рано или поздно должен задаваться во­просом – какова его карма,  как изменить свою карму,  как выйти из ловушек кармы- судьбы.
Карма коучинг совершенно уникальная книга.  Это – не пересказ древних писаний о карме,  это современный практический опыт ведущего гипнотерапевта Европы,  со­ратницы Майкла Ньютона – Урсулы Демармелс.
В своей книге она не только раскрывает такое сложное понятие как карма,  но также предоставляет совершенно уникальные практические методики работы с ней.
Это одна из лучших книг по пониманию и изменению своей судьбы – кармы.

Hardcover, Budushee Zemli, LTD, Moscow, Russia. 254 pages, 12/2018


Урсула Демармелс

Transformation of Souls - Between Lives Healing and Lessons.
Russian Edition of "Wer war ich im Vorleben?"


Книги серии Путешествия Души это путеводный яркий свет во тьме окружающего хаоса и многовекового невежества. Что произойдет с нами после этой жизни? В чем смысл и на значение всего, что с нами происходит?

В чем смысл реинкарнации? Какие уроки мы извлекаем из прошлых жизней? Как погружение в прошлые жизни может реально исцелить нас и осветить нашу насто ящую жизнь? В данной книге предоставлены научные исследования жизни после жизни. Книга Преображение Души является продолжением серии книг, выдающегося автора, Майкла Ньютона, Путешествие Души и Предназначение души. Книга написана самым востребованным высокопрофессиональным гипнотерапевтом Европы, выдающейся соратницей Майкла Ньютона, Урсулой Демармелс

В этой книге также, как и в книгах Путешествие Души и Пред назначение души, раскрываются сокровенные тайны нашего назначения в жизни и дальнейшего путешествия нашей души, в результате которого мы развиваемся и эволюционируем. Кроме того здесь приводятся уникальные методики реинкарнационного исцеления и самоактуализации. Эта книга стала абсолютным бестселером в Германии, Авс трии, Щвецарии и других странах Европпы.

Вступление к данной книге написано профессором Михаэлем Ауфхаузером.

Предисловие к данной книге написано выдающимся гипнотерапевтом современности, Майклом Ньютоном.

Hardcover, Budushee Zemli, LTD, Moscow, Russia, 224 pages, 1/2017

SüdWest Esoterik Bestseller 2007: Wer war ich im Vorleben? Von Ursula Demarmels.

Wer war ich im Vorleben? Paperback Book Cover of "Wer war ich im Vorleben?", book on spiritual regression by Ursula Demarmels (c) Random House / Heyne-Verlag, Munich
Paperback, HEYNE, Munich

Book by Ursula Demarmels:

Wer war ich im Vorleben?

Die positive Wirkung spiritueller Rückführungen

Publishers: HEYNE Verlag & SüdWest-Verlag, Random House

Foreword: Dr. Michael NEWTON, TNI, U.S.A.

Preface: Michael AUFHAUSER, Gut Aiderbichl, Austria

Rated as Standard Work of Spiritual Regression in German Language

More than 35.000 copies sold. Bestseller in several Amazon-Bestsellers Listings. From 2009 ongoing, multiple Number One placements in Bestsellers Ranks, e.g. at Amazon.de in "Reincarnation", "Esoterics", "Meditation & Spirituality", "Lessons & Wisdom", "Religion & Faith", "Tarot & Prophecy", and "Buddhism". Already more than 37.000 books sold.

  • Help for our present lives gained from the past:
  • Anecdotes and “travel logs” of fascinating past lives
  • Profound lessons and inspired messages for the present
  • An informative and enlightening contribution on the subject of regression therapy

The belief in reincarnation is as old as mankind. Through proven techniques of past-life regression, it is possible to remember former lives. Spiritual past-life regressions not only unlocks the doors of soul recall, but can help one release anxieties and blockages, discover more about karmic connections, obtain spiritual knowledge about the deeper sense of the present life, and find the way back to one’s true self in this present life.

In her very readable book, Ursula Demarmels skilfully describes what returning to former lives really is, how she sees her own work in productive and practical ways, and how she accompanies her clients through this intuitive territory. Along the way, answers to repeatedly asked questions are addressed: Can a past-life regression be dangerous or have negative effects on the present life? What happens when terrible scenes appear from one’s past life? Is a past-life regression session always successful? How to recognize a good regression facilitator?, etc. The author also invites readers into the next level of spiritual regression as practiced by the respected American hypnotherapist, Dr. Michael Newton, who wrote the forward of this book, and presents her own personal methods and insights. Selected case studies from her twenty years of experience provide illustrative examples and real-life evidence for the theoretical section of the book, which creates a better understanding and interpretation of the material while presenting complementary information. The stories and lessons from her real life cases are personal, intimate and inspiring. Furthermore, her heart-warming tales of animal companions along the way make this a really unique contribution: how many believe that their beloved pet has a soul, and might meet them on the other side? This is a fascinating and adventurous journey – with various twists and turns – that the reader will certainly enjoy.

Paperback, 224 Pages, ISBN-10: 3-453-70210-7; Published in Oct. 2012; Sixth Edition, Sept. 2022. Hardcover, 192 Pages, 2007 & 2009, ISBN-10: -517-08299-6; Fifth Edition: 2018. EPUB eBook: ISBN: 978-3-641-01008-9. Amazon-Kindle-eBook: ASIN: B004OL277A. Price: € 7,99 (Germany).
Also available in Polish (publisher: Oficyna Wydawnicza ABA; 2008), Hungarian (publisher: Almandin; 2009), Lithuanian (publisher: Alma Littera; 2010), Bulgarian (publisher: Orgon; 2010), English (publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, 2015) and Russian language (publisher: Budushee Zemli, 2017).

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Wer war ich im Vorleben?: Die positive Wirkung spiritueller Rückführungen

Die neue Dimension der Gesundheit

Buchcover: Die neue Dimension der Gesundheit. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker und Ursula Demarmels, SüdWest-Verlag, September 2008. (c) SüdWest-Verlag, 2008 ff.
Hardcover, SüdWest, Munich

Book by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker & Ursula Demarmels:

Die neue Dimension der Gesundheit

Ganzheitlicher Schutz vor belastenden Umwelteinflüssen
Ein Ratgeber aus wissenschaftlicher und spiritueller Sicht


The New Dimension of Health
Holistic protection from environmental influences
A guide book from a scientific and spiritual perspective

SüdWest-Verlag, Random House / Bertelsmann

Foreword: Prof. Hademar BANKHOFER

Illustrated by Albert GRUBER; 9/2008

Multiple Top Placements in the Amazon-de Book Bestseller Rank List Health Encyclopedias and Healing Guides
More than 8.000 copies of the German language version sold

What can we really do to stay healthy? Two renowned experts in their respective fields offer answers and give suggestions and solutions for yet unexplained, but highly pertinent questions on the frontiers of medicine. Main subjects discussed include nutrition, environmental toxins, electro smog, earth's fields, ethics, psychology and spiritual health. The book also contains valuable exercise and meditations to be used in daily life and also gives examples from reincarnation therapy.
Many people ask themselves today: "Is it at all possible to live healthily?" Seemingly there is no sure way to protect ourselves against the manifold adverse environmental influences hitting us every day. Or are there? This very informative book (presently in German) describes options about what we can do to protect our bodies. This ground-breaking book not only offers practical suggestions based on natural sciences and medicine, but also includes thought-provoking spiritual aspects too. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker and Ursula Demarmels use their knowledge to profoundly explain a variety of seen and unseen influences in our environs in clear and understandable words, and then offer positive, humane, ethical and spiritual based solutions for health and wellness. Professor Hacker is the head of a research institute for frontier questions of medicine in Salzburg, Austria, and has acquired an impressive understanding from his more than 20 years research on cancer diagnosis and causes, "electro-smog", geopathy, and food intolerances. His wife, hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor Ursula Demarmels, complements this knowledge from a spiritual perspective in a sensitive and refreshingly clear way. The result is an exceptionally important and well-written book that guides, informs and instills encouragement for a healthy, happy and satisfying life.

Hardcover, 240 pages, 9/2008; ISBN-10: 3-5170-843-52; Price: € 17,95 (in Germany). Also in Hungarian language (publisher: Almandin, 2010, Hardcover Book), as German language eBook to be used on iPad, Windows und Android with the appropriate App: EPUB-format ISBN: 978-3-641-03665-2; Amazon-Kindle-Format ASIN: B004OVEYDA. Price: € 13,99 (in Germany)

Website Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker: www.med-grenzfragen.eu

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Die neue Dimension der Gesundheit: Ganzheitlicher Schutz vor belastenden Umwelteinflüssen - Ein Ratgeber aus wissenschaftlicher und spiritueller Sicht

Presently, this book is only available from second hand. A new, updated and partly re-written edition is in preparation.

Meditation- and

CD-Cover LICHT IM SPIEGEL (Light in the Mirror). (c) tintifax-Agency & Ursula Demarmels, Austria

Audio-CD by Ursula Demarmels:

Licht im Spiegel (Light in the Mirror)

Imaginative Journey on self reflection, de-stressing relaxation, harmonization and as preparation for spiritual regression

This guided imaginative journeying audio-CD is available in German language only. It was developed in joint collaboration with medical doctors and psychologists and can assist in self-finding and harmonization and lead to deep relaxation and stress relief. It can be used well for preparing the own spiritual regression session.

The CD was produced in digital studio quality (DDD) and professionally printed via glass master. Words were spoken live and in trance by Ursula Demarmels. Background music and Digital Sound Engineering by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker.

The pre-payment price of Euro 23,00 includes mailing inside Austria or Germany only. The CD can only be ordered via my e-mail-address at Contact - Unfortunately, due to changed requirements of the universal postal convention, it is not possible anymore for us to send the CD to other countries.

6th edition, 2015
Duration: 64 Minutes


Original editions of Ursula Demarmels' book Wer war ich im Vorleben in different languages:

Book-Cover of "Ursula Demarmels: Wer war ich im Vorleben? Die positive Wirkung spiritueller Rückführungen." (Who was I in my former life? The positive effects of spiritual regression." (c) suedwest-Verlag, Random House Publishers, Munich, 2007 ff. Cover of "Who was I in my former life", Polish languag edition, (c) Oficyna Wydawnicza ABA 2008 Book Cover Ursula Demarmels Wer war ich im Vorleben (in Hungarian; publisher: Almandin) (c) 2009. Book Cover Ursula Demarmels Wer war ich im Vorleben (in Lithuanian language, Alma Littera) (c) 2010. Book Cover of the Bulgarian version of Ursula Demarmels: "Wer war ich im Vorleben?" (c) Orgon-Publishers, 2010. Book Cover: Ursula Demarmels - Spiritual Regression for Peace and Healing (c) Llewellyn, MN, U.S.A. Book Cover Ursula Demarmels Russian Book: Урсула Демармелс ПРЕОБРАЖЕНИЕ ДУШИ (c) Buduschee Zemli, LTD, Karen Saakyan, Moscov, Russia
Cover of The German
Hardcover Edition (SüdWest-
Verlag, Munich; 2009)
Cover of the Polish Edition
(Publisher: Oficyna Wydawnicza
ABA; Warsaw, Poland; 2008)
Cover of the Hungarian Edition
(Publisher: Almandin-Verlag,
Budapest, Hungary; 2009)
Cover of the Lithuanian Edition
(Publisher: Alma Littera, Vilnius, Lithuania; 2010)
Cover of the Bulgarian Edition
(Publisher: Orgon, Sofia,
Bulgaria; 2010)
Cover of the English Edition
(Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, MN, U.S.A.; 2016)
Cover of the Russian Edition
(Publisher: Karen Saakyan, Moscow, Russia; 2017)


Further cover pages of Ursula Demarmels's books in different languages:

Taschenbuch Spirituelle Rückführungen Ursula Demarmels Wer war ich im Vorleben Heyne Taschenbuch-Ausgabe (c) Random House - Heyne Verlag, 2012 Buchcover: Die neue Dimension der Gesundheit. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker und Ursula Demarmels, SüdWest-Verlag, September 2008. (c) SüdWest-Verlag Cover der ungarischen Ausgabe von Buchcover Dr. Michael Newton: "Erinnerungen aus dem Zwischenreich", mit einem Buchkapitel von Ursula Demarmels. (c) Astrodata, Schweiz Cover der polnischen Ausgabe von Ursula Demarmels Book Cover: Ursula Demarmels - Karma-Coaching in Lithuanian Language Book Cover Ursula Demarmels Russian Book: Урсула Демармелс ПРЕОБРАЖЕНИЕ ДУШИ (c) Buduschee Zemli, LTD, Karen Saakyan, Moscov, Russia
Cover of the German paperback edition of "Wer war ich im Vorleben?" (Heyne, Munich; 5th edn., 2018) Cover of the German original hardcover edition of "Die Neue Dimension der Gesundheit" (SüdWest, Munich; 2008) Cover of the Hungarian hardcover edition of "Die Neue Dimension der Gesundheit" (Almandin, Budapest, Hungary; 2009) Cover of the German stich-bound edition of "Karma Coaching" (Allegria/Ullstein, Berlin; 3rd edn., 2018) Cover of the Polish edition of "Karma Coaching" (Studio Astropsychologii, Bialystok, Poland; 2016) Cover of the Lithuanian paperback edition of "Karma Coaching" (Andrena, Vilnius, Lithuania; 2018) Cover of the Russian edition of "Karma Coaching"
(Karen Saakyan, Moscow, Russia; 2018



Audiobook Memories of the Afterlife - Dr. Michael Newton Institute & Tantor Media

English edition (Terminal): Paperback and Kindle E-Book, Amazon Publishing

German edition (Die Flockenleserin): Paperback, audio book and Kindle E-Book, Amazon Publishing

A Crime Novel by Mike POWELZ including a
Foreword by Ursula Demarmels:


From the Author's Introduction: A killer who comes at night, when everyone is asleep ... A cat that smells death ... Twelve people who fear for their lives ... Welcome to House Holle - a hospice with two faces.
Basically, a hospice is like a nice hotel - not a bit gloomy. White doctors coats? None. Pets? Allowed. Fixed visiting hours? No. Early check out? Also occurs ... But of course there are differences to normal hotels. Finally, the guests die in "Hotel hospice". Moreover, they are more honest than at any other place. Whether managers or homeless, or neo-Nazis, gays, posh ladies or AIDS diseased: During meals or treats, guests confess in between each other their beautiful or dirty secrets, lies and mistakes.
The crime novel "Terminal" plays in an invented Berlin hospice. The plot, all criminal offenses and all the characters are fully fictional. With nine exceptions only: My father, my mother, my sister, my nephew and I, as well as Ursula Demarmels (who wrote the German standard work of regression therapy "Who was I in past life?" (Heyne), her husband Gerhard, and an old tramp named Rudy White appear as characters in the novel. The story of the death of my father has happened in the very same way as I described it in my novel.
But this book is something special for another reason. It is based on conversations I’ve had with the terminally ill, psychologists, nurses and relatives. In fact, the novel is a secret instruction for the death - and will take the fear of death. Foolproof.

Ursula Demarmels: "This extraordinary crime novel is very exciting and also enormously instructive. It touches many taboo subjects of our society and holds up a mirror to it. The book electrifies powerfully and guides us to deeper layers or our self."

German edition: Paperback, 508 pages. Amazon-Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1477826447, Euro 9,99. Also as Amazon Kindle E-Book (Euro 4,99) or Audiobook download (Euro 18,57). Those Prices are valid for Germany only; for orders from other countries, pls. enquire at your relevant amazon website.

English edition, Terminal, 2015, Amazon Publishing

To order Doro's CDs, DVDs & mp3 at amazon.de, kindly use the following Links:

Forever Warriors (Double CD)

Doro Pesch - Cover Forever Warriors (c) Nuclear Blast, Germany (2018)

Tausend Mal Gelebt (Download)

Doro Pesch - Cover Tausend Mal Gelebt (c) WEA Records, Germany (1998)

Under My Skin-a Fine Selection of Doro Classics (Double-CD)

Doro Pesch - Cover Unser My Skin (c) Rare Diamonds Productions (Rough Trade) (2018)

Für Immer (CD)

25 Years In Rock (2 DVDs)

Strong and Proud (3 DVDs)



Ursula Demarmels und Doro Pesch auf Gut Aiderbichl (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, 2013

at Gut Aiderbichl (2013),
the world's largest animal sanctuaries.
Photo © Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker

COVER Double-CD "Under My Skin"

Doro Pesch - Cover Under my Skin (c) Afm Records (Soulfood)

2 CDs + DVD "25 Years in Rock"

Doro Pesch - Cover 25 Years in Rock (c) Nuclear Blast (Warner)

"Strong And Proud", 3 DVDs

Doro Pesch - Cover Doro Pesch - Strong and Proud (c) Nuclear Blast (Warner)

By Heavy Metal Goddess DORO



Ursula Demarmels guided DORO PESCH into a past life in Dubrovnik. The session was recorded by Germany's largest TV station, RTL Television, and broadcasted 2013 in five parts (7 Mill. viewers)

Ursula Demarmels und Doro Pesch auf Gut Aiderbichl (c) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, 2013
Ursula DEMARMELS and DORO PESCH in LONDON (11/2015)
Photo © Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker

DORO was awarded with the LIVING LEGEND title in London & Berlin (2013)
and METAL GODDESS in Las Vegas (2016)

Tour data and News: DORO PESCH

From the Amazon description: “When a DORO 1982 started with her band WARLOCK, nobody could imagine what the next two and a half decades should have for them. Due to Doro’s charismatic appearance, her powerful and unique voice and her always friendly occurrence, Warlock quickly became known throughout the scene, and Doro Pesch was chosen as the first true metal queen. After the dissolution or Warlock, DORO launched her solo career and had even greater success with this! She works together with the greats of the genre, such as Gene Simmons (Kiss) and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), toured extensively with her band and became the star we know today. And the legend lives on ... even now after more than 30 years in the music business DORO shows no signs of wear."

In June 2013, Germany's internationally most successful rock singer DORO was raised in London to the status of a living legend; she won the Golden Gods Award in the category "Legend". Shortly thereafter, in October 2013, DORO in Berlin won the Metal Hammer Award in the category Legend.

Under My Skin (a Fine Selection of Doro Classics)

35 Selected Songs of Doro Pesch
Doro's Song description to Tausend Mal gelebt contains a short text about her encounter with Ursula Demarmels

This two CD compilation of a staggering 32 songs spans a great lot of Doro's career and is a fantastic collection of some of her greatest hits. "You’ll love this album, ... and if for some reason you’ve never taken much notice, then again you’ll love this album, a stunning résumé of an artist who continues to shine and truly loves what she does." (partly cited from planetmosh.com).
Doro's great music is not only amongst the best Heavy Metal can offer, her broad portfolio contains also outstanding ballads. Remarkably, this collection also includes a orchestrated version of her wonderful song "Tausend Mal gelebt", performed by Doro together with the Classic Night Orchestra. Another ballad we would like to especially mention is her touching song "Herzblut".

Label: Afm Records (Soulfood), ASIN: B0081SRHAY. Audio Double-CD (7/2012)

25 Years of Rock... and Still Going Strong

The two CDs contain 59 powerful songs & Heavy Metal evergreens of DORO Pesch from the first 25 years. From the Nuclear Blast description about the DVD also contained in the package: With »25 Years In Rock« DORO Pesch releases a unique DVD, which shows not only her legendary concert at the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf in 2008 as a video, but also documents the history of the "First Lady in Metal”. And that is exciting beyond measure, because there is hardly an artist who has lived the history of Heavy Metal so close. "From the heart blood that was put into this package, various blood banks could live off for years. Simply great!" (Metal Hammer).

Label: Nuclear Blast (Warner), ASIN: B0045U3AVM. Box Set 2 CDs + DVD (11/2010)

Strong and Proud... 30 Years of Doro - 3 DVDs/2 BluRay Discs


Three decades of DORO - three unforgettable nights - forever captured on three DVDs - including a two-hour, great music film, which offers deep insights behind the scenes and into the heart of DORO. "Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal": a fantastic memory for all of you who have experienced DORO live in their jubilee year. And a revelation for all fans of good hard rock music and excellent live power full of heart blood. Also available as a version with 2 BluRay discs.

Label: Nuclear Blast (Warner). Triple DVD (June 24th, 2016), ASIN: B01F5AGB16 or as Double BluRay Disc, ASIN: B01F5AGB34.

Forever Warriors - Forever United - 2 CDs

“Forever Warriors” presents Doro as a wild warrior on tracks like “Bastardos”, “Blood, Sweat and Rock n’ Roll” and the first single, “All For Metal”, a track that Doro has predicted will become her new “All We Are”! Featured on the track and video are metal royalty from Kreator, Sabaton, Testament and the late Warrel Dane.

This is DORO s 20th album - and it s arriving just in time for her 35th live stage anniversary! And yet it s not just these two great anniversaries that make Forever Warriors // Forever United a truly extraordinary album. It s also not just the fact that the metal queen is releasing her very first double album. No, Forever Warriors // Forever United is so special because DORO presents 25 (!) brand new hot tracks that all have one thing in common; an incredible variety and stylistic range, paired with the highest quality. There is simply no weak song on this album - it s "all killer, no filler!".
September 13, 2018: The new Doro album Forever Warriors forever united hits No 1 in the official German vinyl charts. UK: #2 (Rock) / #15 (Indie).
Taken from the Website of Doro
Label: Nuclear Blast (Warner), ASIN B07HC3G9SW. Audio Double-CD (8/2018)



Cover Stephen Polin Inner Journeys Cosmic Sojourns Vol.1 (c) Stephen Poplin

Cover Stephen Polin Inner Journeys Cosmic Sojourns Vol.2 (c) Stephen Poplin

By Stephen Poplin, Ames, Iowa, USA

Book by Stephen Poplin:

Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns

Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist's casebook (Vol. 1 & 2)

Transpersonal hypnotherapist and philosopher Stephen Poplin has distilled forty years of practice, observation and insight into these volumes (this being volume one), sharing with the reader what he has learned about life, love, soul, death, karma, purpose and life-between-lives. Stephen has “interviewed” thousands of people who were in deep trances to discover Life's big secrets – and reasons for living, and dying. Stories of past lives and present paths are woven into fascinating descriptions of remarkable people confronted with fate, challenges, spirits, soul mates and divine contracts. Along the way, the eternal questions come front and center ... * Why am I here? Is there a divine purpose? * What about love, partners and soul-mates? * Is there an afterlife? Is there a Heaven? Or a Hell? * What role does karma play in our lives? What about Fate and Free Will? He has come to the following conclusions: “Why we are here may not be what you thought, nor what you were told. We are being influenced by our thoughts, bodies, culture and cons. Step back and view the big picture; check out the cosmic map. Along the way we will approach life, love, calling and kismet.

When digging deeper, we will come across lessons, soul-searching, and payback – whether conscious or unconscious. What is this all about? There is a force animating us and this essence, this soul, has a voice and a sincere urge to communicate with us. Knowing ourselves, via this spiritual source, will make all of the difference in the world. So step in to the pages, take a stroll in the past, to forgotten places and fascinating people, to stark emotions and struggles, love won and lost, to the end of lives and beyond – for souls do not die. We are given many opportunities, and assignments. The Light shines on, for there is love, guidance, grace, lessons and options to try again. It is quite a ride, and you signed up for it.” Stephen weaves various ideas and beliefs from the world's traditions, for he wishes to share and compare inner journeys with knowledge passed on through the ages. The reader will benefit - and stretch - from these stories, anecdotes and gems of wisdom. There will be some surprises along the way … and a few ghost stories. How will this all end? You are co-creating the cosmic script. Thanks for your participation!

In his second volume transpersonal hypnotherapist Stephen Poplin takes us further along the journey of souls. Stephen has hypnotized thousands of clients in the past decades and has gained a broad view of Life. This is a collection of stories from places far away and long ago, shared by people in trance, recalling past lives and in-between sojourns. From inspiration to desperation, from longing to anguish, there are individuals among us who have tales to tell. People from many walks of life have trod some dusty paths, and then flown to great heights once freed from earthly bonds. Some stories may be disturbing and even shocking, but there is meaning and purpose in it all. Love and compassion awaits us, as well as life lessons, and in this volume Stephen adds our divine helpers along the path. There will be meetings with remarkable women, as well as spirit guides, the Council of Elders, and the souls of animals and extra-terrestrials. What a meeting place is this Earth, Gaia, and beyond into our own solar system and on to other galaxies and dimensions. We are all this fascinating journey.

Soulmates, spiritual companions and teachers accompany us all on these journeys … but perhaps not as we think. Karma, personal choice, Free Will and soul missions are woven into our scripts. The reader will benefit - and stretch - from these stories, anecdotes and gems of wisdom. There will be some surprises along the way … and a few ghost stories.
How will this all end? You are co-creating the cosmic script, and intuitively know. Thanks for your participation!

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Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist's casebook

Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns - volume 2 (English Edition)


Book Cover of "Your Soul
By Nancy Canning, Cape Cod, MA, USA

Book by Nancy Canning:

Your Soul's Calling

Answering the Question "Why Am I Here?"

Within each and every one of us is an urging – a calling – of how to be and what to do in this lifetime. And yet, this calling can be illusive. You may be wondering, “Am I on my right spiritual path and fulfilling my life purpose?” The good news is this: Your soul has a magnificent memory. It remembers details of your past lives, what you do in between your lives, and even more importantly, the agreements and plans you made for this life. You can look at your life – all its ups and downs – from your soul’s perspective so that it all makes sense. You can understand the underlying meaning and purpose of your current life.

"Nancy Canning has taken the wisdom she's gained from working with clients and having her own sacred experiences to help you discover your own soul's purpose for being here. The result is this life-changing manual of life and purpose that I wish was available to me when I still felt lost and wandering without a sense of direction in my life." Bob Olson, Author of "Answers About The Afterlife: A Private Investigator's 15-Year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Life After Death" and host of AfterlifeTV.com
"Nancy Canning has created a 'GPS Road Map' to help you hear your soul's calling and live your intended life." Dr. Linda Backman, Psychologist/Regression Therapist Author of: Bringing Your Soul to Light and The Evolving Soul Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing
"This wonderful book can inspire you in exciting ways to live in harmony with yourself and others." Ursula Demarmels, CHt., Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapist, Author of "Spiritual Regression for Peace and Healing" (Llewellyn)

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Your Soul's Calling: Answering the Question "Why Am I Here?" (Your Calling, Band 2)



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